Hat Pattern Help

I was hoping some of you guys could help me locate a hat pattern with a gansey band. Ideally it would begin with a patterned gansey band, then be plain hat from there on up.

Thanks a million.



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I wish I knew what a gansey band was.

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A "Gansey" band would be a band in one or more of the traditional patterns used for 'gansey" sweaters; knit/purl designs, I believe some cables were used, but the knit/purl designs plus specific construction techniques distinguished the gansey from say an Aran.. or "fisherman" sweater.

For example - whitby moss is a traditional gansey pattern

two rows of k2p2 rib are alternated with two rows of stocking stitch

double whitby moss alternates 4 rows of 4 x 4 rib with two rows of stocking stitch.

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wrong. gansey band was punk funk style band out of the town of gansey. they played mostly pubs and disbanded when the drummer, well, you know...

we put birds on things