Koolhaas Frenzy

I'm smitten with this pattern. I've finished two and am on my third. I almost never get into the product knitting mode: I'm very much a process knitter, but this is one of those rare occasions when I have really enjoyed the end result. I will definitely be making more. This is a really nice hat that I believe many will enjoy and use.


Bear Hands's picture

It is a "Kool" hat. What a neat pattern. Great job!

RickeScott's picture

I agree, great looking hat. I'm adding it to my list of to-dos.

Adrian's picture

oo, I love it

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Jared is such an amazing designer. My favorite.
What a beautiful job you did. I will have to put this one in my list

Mnjack's picture

THat is a great hat. Where did you get the pattern ? I want to try one. Great job.

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Beautiful hat! I just finished one in a beautiful Brown/Black tweed.



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I made one as a christmas present, and I really liked the finished product. It was very hard for me to give it away. I definitely have plans to make another one soon.