Okay, I'm sure that this has been hashed out before but I am sick of getting Girl knitting stuff in the mail. At least once a week I get some offer for some knitting magazine or craft something that is Totally for women. Enough with the girlly stuff. I want knitting stuff geared towards men Only! Uggh! It would also be helpful if the models in the magazine were burly, bearded guys. Am I asking for too much here?



Maybe you could contact the publishers and point them to this site to prove there are many knitters of the male species who would appreciate a knitting magazine geared to their needs. Nothing ventured - nothing gained!

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Oh I would love a knitting magazine with burly, bearded guys. ;-) You're definitely not asking for too much. I'm sure the female knitters wouldn't mind male models frequenting their fru fru knitting magazines either.


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With the number of men knitters I've run across online, you'd think there would be more in the way of male centered resources than there is. There are a few all male pattern books, but I've noticed that some of those are written by women. Granted, the gender of a designer doesn't always make a difference, but if I were going to spend money on a book or even a single pattern, I would rather spend it on one designed by a man. Especially since I'm a big guy and I would want to make sure that if I spent the time to knit a sweater or something to fit this big belly, I wouldn't want it to be something that looked like an oversized version of a smaller sweater.

I keep waiting for the announcement of an all male knitting magazine, but it just doesn't seem like it's going to happen yet. Some have tried, on this site even, to get volunteers to put something together, but there just isn't enough people stepping up and doing something. I would love to help, but I've not had enough experience with knitting to feel comfortable putting something out there. I've spent more time reading about knitting than doing actual knitting itself.

Hopefully sometime soon someone with the right knowledge and resources will get as fed up as you are to the point of actually doing something about it and getting something put together. I was hoping Darrell's recent attempt would have been successful, but it just wasn't for whatever reason.

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Yours is a perennial rant Geoff. About 20 years ago when I was a subscriber to Knitters magazine, I wrote to the editor asking for more male patterns but without success. I dropped my subscription after 2 years.

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Yes a mens knitting magazine with a few muscle guys showing off sweaters with bulging torsos.... quite attractive...and a few patterns... maybe even the occasional MensHealth style gym routines thrown in ... that'd be my type of magazine.

Maybe a muscle guy draped in a scarf, standing beside a bicycle and holding a viola... yes ... that would do it for me... no not so much text needed... lots of pictures and a few patterns.


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Buck, wait until you get involved with even more craft type activities. I used to get loads of calls for 'Mrs. Kwijybo'. To be truly funny, you have to realize there isn't one, hasn't been on, and won't be one! Just a single, straight male who likes to crochet, quilt, garden, knit (among a lot of other things).....

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I feel fortunante we have this site - I haven't even considered a men's kntting publication. However, in the last year or so it seems that I'm rarely the only guy in the LYS, so maybe someone will notice that there are enough guy knitters out there to make a publication lucrative. As for what the models should look like, I like the idea of male counter part to the female models. Have you noticed that they are a little on the nurdy side, not qute geeky but certainly not plastique super models. I want to see real guys - there's nothing cuter then a sweet little nurd that knits.