Knitting for the troops

My brother is stationed in Iraq for a year. He's away from his wife and two kids. A seriously suckey time for him. I've been sending him small packages about once a month in an effort to keep him in good spirits. In addition to cookies and other small gifts I've tried to include one hand made item to let him know I spent some time on something. The last shipment I included a small knitted square swatch. (I make them from time to time to use as coasters.) To my surprise, he told all his other office workers and instead of being ragged on they thought it was neat he had a brother who knitted. Of course, they also asked him if I was gay, in a curious way not a negative way, but we won't go any further down that path.

Since they didn't harass him too much, I made all of them one as well. I plan on sending them with the next shipment. They're just little swatches that take less than an hour to knit up, but maybe they'll cheer someone up.

It would be nice to start a program to knit up things and send to troops over there, but being they are in a desert I'm not sure what we could send they could use. Suggestions?


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Very nice! A homemade gift shows you care in a way the no purchased item can. There are several groups that knit for the troops. Do a google search for "knitting for the troops" for some ideas.



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there are several organizations that arrange for creating collecting and shipping to troops. remember, that desert gets cold and windy, sand storms, etc, so light or even heavy scarves and finger less gloves, throws afghans, blankets

we put birds on things

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Way cool! I think I'll look into something like that. I'm sure they would enjoy some funky, hip hats from home as well. We always talk as if it's only guys over there but there are plenty of women deployed as well and most women love a nice scarf or a pair of warm luxurious socks. Great idea!

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Possibly canteen cozies in camo colors for insulation.

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I'm in. One of my nephews will be going there in March. My mother knitted several scarves from camouflage yarn; sent them to one of her internet friends who sent them on to someone she knows in Iraq. I'll knit a couple of hats. If anybody has an address in Iraq to which we can send items, please let us know.

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Some of you may be interested in the following site:

Click the top link in the left column "Operation Helmetliner" for information about Helmetliners and other items the troops need.

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Thanks. Good information and just about everything we need to know to get involved. These will definately be my filler projects. I'm tempted to get into a discussion about the use of American forces around the world, but I'll hold my fingers...

There's a big difference in supporting the war and supporting the troops. No matter what your opinion of them being there is they're there, and I think we should support them no matter what we believe about the war itself. It isn't really their decision to be there.

I have an aunt that rants and raves about the evil US military even in front of my brother. I've always wanted to tell her to shut it. It really trivializes his sacrifice.

Oh well. Not ranting against you. Just making a statement.

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Remember that deserts can get down to freezing at night, so they do need warm items as well. Cotton is always a good choice for hot weather wear... even linen (not the softest of material when new). These are also easy to wash.

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I am so happy that I am not the only one out there that does things for soldiers. I have two family members in the military and both go to the desert soon, thus the pale green hats I made recently. Now I just need more yarn of proper colors to make things for people. Oh and to not have bad wrists from work.