I want to do a lace project but...

When I try to find lace, or ask my LYS about lace, all I get is a blank stare. I was hoping to find a local supply of lace yarn; and, I'm sure that once I see some yarn that claims to be lace, I'll have a pretty good idea what what my parameters are; but, so far nothing. Neither my local Hobby Lobby, nor my not as local A.C. Moore has lace yarn in stock. Can anyone help on this? What I'd like to know is what could I use as an example of the weight, that I might find locally which is probably not marked as a lace. So far, I've only seen some very light [3] and maybe a [2] but it was verigated. Personally, the [2] and [3] I compared looked similar in weight; but I think a lace weight is a [1]. Can anyone help to clarify? I'd even consider buying something on line, based on your experience that it's a good yarn for it, just to have a clue.


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Laceweight is actually a [0] - they classify sock yarns as a [1].

I'd reccomend trying lace first in a sock or fingering weight (which you LYS should know about) - look for the thinnest "baby" yarn you can find in a Hobby Lobby or such store.

The thicker lace-weights start about where #10 ("bedspread") crochet cotton is, and get thinner. Does your LYS carry Rowan yarns? Rowan's kidsilk haze is classed as a laceweight.

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I never thought of #10 crochet thread as being "thick" in any fashion; but, you refer to #10 as a thicker lace weight. I'm going to have to work to wrap my head around it some. I of course have access to the thread stuff #30, #20, #10, #5, #3. I like Aunt Lydia Shimmer Fashion, which is a thread and I looked it up to see they also call it a "fine sport weight"; but, thick as thread goes and it has a shimmer ply which looks nice.

Armed with the information you gave me; I found in Coats and Clark yarn & thread which seem to fit with what you've said, I think.

Aunt Lydia's® Caress™ Microfiber
but which is described as a sport weight.

Red Heart® Heart & Sole™
is a superfine which only comes in solid white or black and is still listed as a #1.
However, these don't quite fit; but could be used for lace (and as another told me, any size yarn can be used depending upon what you want to make in lace.)
But principally, to summarize, lace weight is a yarn #0, and is often listed in thread sizes from #3 (heaviest) to #20, #30 and up (the lightest) right?

And of course there is the Rowan's kidsilk haze which I looked up to see what you mean, and thread does not compare! Whew, now that's what I was thinking. To end this with the light bulb going off in my head.... I think I'll get some of that, and as another person suggested, practice the pattern on regular yarn. The kidsilk looks like gossamer. Thanks everyone, especially you Mario.



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Kidsilk haze looks like rope compared to some of the lace-weights out there. Jojoland harmony has twice the yardage per weight.

I'd say "vaguely equivilant" rather then "listed as" - the crochet threads seem to be a harder twist and less "giving" to me then many of the weaving yarns of equal yardage/weight even with the same content.

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My first lace piece was MMario's FSL in a lace weight from Knitpicks. It was very nice to knit with and the recipient was delighted with the drape and handle of it. I can recommend them.

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When I did my first lace piece, I found the pattern that I wanted to do first then I went to the LYS and showed it to them. Most patterns will specify a very specific yarn - brand, color everything. Show it to your LYS person and if they can't find an exact match or something very simalar for you, you need to find a new LYS. That is their job after all.

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My first lace project (also MMario's FSL) wasn't even with lace weight yarn. I used regualr Cascade 220. In fact, all of my lace projects up until now have been with at least fingering weight or heavier. I'm just now working on something with Great Adirondack's "Cobwebs" lace weight yarn.

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My first lace piece was MMario's Faux Spanish Lace -- you can search for it here on MenWhoKnit. The pattern is free. It's simple. You can use any yarn... Just pick needles that are bigger than you'd normally choose.

Definitely recommend it!

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