double gloves for young girl

Last month I had to recall how make "around techniqe of knitting" (on 4-5 needles). Daughter of my frend from museum needed new gloves ("double" - extra fashionable now). I tried for many days, made 4-5 pieces of gloves (as exercise). I`ve recollected. I hope they will be good for snow-winter in Cracow (today we have the secound snow in this winter). From Saturday I will go to American Continent (to your region) on "summer holidays" (!?!?) - to Cuba, touristic village - Varadero (has anybody been there?). I am very happy!!!

Jerzy pl.


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jerzy pl.

jerzy pl.

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WOW those are really cool.
Where did you get the pattern? That would be a great christmas gift next year

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The gloves are wonderful and you did a great job knitting them. I have been to that resort in Cuba and can tell you that it is a wonderful place. I hope you enjoy your holiday.

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Very nice...I love how you did ridges on the back of the glove and plain knitting on the front. Your pictures are quite nice too.

I wish I could go to Cuba, but it's very restrictive for Americans to go there.

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Really great gloves and a nice colour!!!!!! Lucky girl.

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Great gloves. Have a fun holiday.

Well done, They look great, I've seen this pattern but have never tried it yet, I think I now know what my next project is for those cold nights here in newfoundland... Happy Knitting!!!

"You want me to knit you a pair of socks??? Give me your foot!!!!"