Slip Stitch Socks

This is my latest and current favorite pair of socks. The yarn is a hand painted merino/nylon fingering weight from Black Trylium's Etsy shop, size 0, 9 in circular needles. I used a basic toe-up pattern and added the slip stitch pattern.

Image icon SS Socks 1-small.JPG104.02 KB


Kerry's picture

Great colours and interesting pattern.

ronhuber's picture

I really like the colours as well as the pattern. Hope you enjoy wearing them. Great knitting.

Buzzboy's picture

What a great looking pair of socks. You should be so proud. I am hoping to try socks one of these days when friends and family quit having children. LOL Keep up the great work.


mrossnyc's picture

I like the slip stitch effect, these looks great. I have one half of a sock left to finish. That's the project that keeps getting pushed aside.