Apparently... roommate thought I was well enough entranced...

My concentration was broken by a camera flash as I was sitting on the floormat with the clean laundry was still sitting in piles next to me...

...and what was I doing?

Knitting and watching football! Neither one of them were my team -- GO PATS!!! (well, there's always next year).

...but it's football, how CAN'T you watch it?



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Visit Crafty Andy's Blog I was knitting and watching as well, counting my stitches go Steelers!

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What? There was a football game yesterday? hmm...well darn. :-)


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yeah, i heard it was something big. big bowl. large bowl. anyway, i'm sure it went fine without me

we put birds on things

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Must not have been much advertising. I knew nothing about it.

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Just remember, don't say it....that word is copyright.

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Heh heh heh
and YEAH Steelers win again.

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I was fixing mistakes in a rug I finished on Saturday, then made a big mistake and had to rip out about a third of it. But I don't attribute it to the game. So I guess I'll have a new rug for my bathroom NEXT weekend...
Go Steelers!

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I understand Einstien's Theroy of Relativity much better then I do football but I watched anyway - I'm a huge Kurt Warner fan (he's so pretty) and how could I miss Bruce at half time, not to mention all the fun new commercials. My husband and I also have tons of fun incorrectly explaining the seemingly random rules to each other. I knitted the whole time and finished an Irish hiking hat in Noro Silk Garden and started a pair of socks. Picts to come.

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I fell asleep. :-(



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Football? Heard of it- must be knit on circulars.

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I can't knit and watch football, too many numbers. 50 yard line, #10 scores, first and ten and the list goes on. Football and the Biggest Loser, Amber lost 14 lbs, last week she weighed 200 lbs for a total percentage of weight loss of ...... and I'm ripping. What row was I on?