Here is is being blocked...


I'm quite proud of this so thought I'd post a few pics.

Sometime soon I'll have to package it up and send it off to its new owner... I shall be sad to see it go.



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WOW amazing
Wish i was trading with you. That is absolutely beautiful!!!

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Its not a scarf exchange thing... its for my bf's mother. Personally I think the bf would quite like it too. He likes the little silver bells LOL.


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That looks great, how wide is it and what kind/size yarn did you use?

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Beautiful scarf! I'm sure she will cherish it.



Lucky bf's mother - it's a gorgeous scarf, and I'm sure she'll love it.

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Good reason for being proud. Beautiful!

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Beautiful! Great work.

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That is great! I love the little beads. Haven't tried that yet with any of my knitting. I might soon.

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Gorgeous- well worth the pain!

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You must be so proud of this scarf, it is beautiful. These first time projects are as dear as children to us, I can understand your sadness in sending it to it's new owner, but she will love it I am sure.

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Really pretty! I haven't tried beads yet, either. :-)

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