Knitting in the dark

Hey guys,
My electrical power has now been restored after a horrible ice strom here in Arkansas. Living in the woods surrounded by national forest at the headwaters of the Buffalo River has its pleasures and occaisional pains.
After chainsawing my way out, I was able to go to the library to get online and ran across a great book to brush up on my stitches called the Reader's Digest Knitter's Handbook. In the totally dark evenings by candlelight I was able to entertain myself making swatches. Now that the power has been restored with the promise of warmer weather tomorrow, I may be up on the roof doing repairs before the metal roofing arrives to be installed. The kiln is fired up today catching up on a few large pieces I have created. So much to do...Can't wait or Spring!!!


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Sounds incredibly rustic and kind of romantic...if it hadn't been quite so much of a pain...if you know what I mean.

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Good luck with the roofing. Your place sounds wonderful. Glad you had a peaceful time with your swatches.

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I feel for you!

I was in the big ice storm earlier a few months ago up here in New England -- I'm lucky enough to live close to a central area of downtown right in between two hospitals, so our power was on relatively quickly.

I remember our family was driving through Arkansas back in December of 1990 on our way to Texas to visit my sisters for Christmas when we drove through a huge ice storm that engulfed the whole state!

...but back here in Maine, during our time with the power out, I did the very same thing...knit by candlelight!

Good for you and glad to hear you've got power again.