The Clapotis

My knitting friends Beth & Ben and I are all knitting the Clapotis from The pattern has a nice rhythm to it and is kind of mindless with the addition of a deliberate dropped stitch row for excitement. Beth is doing the basic pattern in a burgundy & mustard-gold Wool of The Andes that is reminiscent of the robes of Tibetan Buddist Monks (you can glimpse hers in the picture below). Ben is doing his in a thick and squishy cotton blend and he is actually striping it in blue and cream. I am using a bright Copper colorway from Blackberry Ridge Woolen Mills in a medium weight worsted wool.

Since I am a man of rather large stature, I decided to double the pattern and do a "Man Sized" Clapotis... or, more simply put... I am knitting a MAN-O-tis!!!!

I am going to be knitting on this bad boy for months!! I doubled the length from 22" to 44" so that it covers my shoulders and back when I am sitting in the chilly living room watching television... but I fear that due to the way the pattern is written, I may actually have to double the width as well which means that it will be about 110" across!! That is a whole lotta knitting!

I am sending the pattern designer an e-mail to ask her if I am in it for the full 110" or if there is a way I could increase it by 50% (instead of a full 100%) as I believe that would be sufficient.

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