Knitting Gadget

For Christmas, my knitting buddy, Beth, gifted me with a "Pirouette" as pictured. It is a beautiful, hand crafted, wooden yarn ball holder that spins (like a Lazy Susan) taking the yarn from the outside of the ball. Certainly not a required piece of equipment as the yarn cakes are center pull ready... but for a large project that stays on the table ... this is a beautiful addition to the landscape. She got this at Dragonfly Yarn Shop in Janesville, WI and I understand they are also available on if anyone is interested.


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I really like that! Would come in handy for those too-often occasions of sitting down with a new skein only to find that the center pull just can't be found :) Definitely would like to grab one.

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For skeins, I find a wooden paper towel holder works well.

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I just bought one myself and it is amazing. What a great addition to all my knitting toys. How I do love finding new things as well. Enjoy it! It really is a great help.
Phillip Rolfe

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No, it is a required piece of equipment. You already know that taking the yarn from the centre or up from a cone will alter the twist of the yarn. You also have two ends from which to take the yarn (or from the centres) and both are not the same -- there is a right and a wrong end.

While sitting in the bathroom and contemplating many things, take a roll of toilet paper and sit it on end in front of you. Pull end up -- what happens? Turn it over, and do the same -- what happens?

That is the end of my demonstration.

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You always get my noodle baking! So much more to think about now!!

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Yaaaay! Just bought one on Etsy! Cant wait...