this isn't just a hobby anymore...

Well, I have officially entered the ranks of the knitting obsessed. I have recently found myself looking at and bookmarking the web-pages for yarn distributors- and loving it.
If you had asked me 18 months ago if I liked knitting, I would have looked at you as if you were crazy. Really. When a friend said she would like to teach me (and my partner) to knit, I agreed with skepticism. Knitting? Isn't that for single, older, peculiar people? We spent the evening learning, and it was slow and frustrating at first. She was patient and attentive, doling out encouragement and sage knitting advice like 'Don't be afraid to rip it all out and start over. Always be ready to let it go if it isn't working.' Eventually I had the gratification of a few inches of scarf... and I wanted to see if I could do more.
After that, it was another scarf, and another. Visits to our local yarn shop became regular and increasingly expensive. It happened slowly, everyone being encouraging, supportive, even the friends who had no idea what I was talking about as I went on and on about a pattern or yarn.
It has now become an integral part of my day to spend a good chunk of my free time knitting or researching or organizing knitting related things. I can't imagine not having it be a part of my life anymore. It has become a medium that has increased my social circle, relaxes me and at the end of the day, I get to wear something I made myself! It also has me doing things again, like drawing, photographing, and writing, things I always loved to do, but never seemed to have time for.
Hmmm, I feel the call of the needles again, though, so must be off. David needs his silk/alpaca socks in this cold weather and he only has one so far!


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Welcome to the other side. All of us here are obsessed with knitting to some degree. I actually look for articles on knitting techniques more than I look for wool. After many years I have certain wool I like and am in a rut. Maybe I should be experimenting with new products. I am having construction done in my house and my knitting time has been greatly reduced. I actually feel funny without some knitting in my hands.

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It's just like drugs --- but not as destructive. And, as you say, "I get to wear something I made myself!" That's not a bad thing to be hooked on.

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In 2007 I traded Marlboro Light 100s for knitting needles - just one addiction for another, lol. This one doesn't cause lung cancer or heart disease though. Have you started knitting in public yet? I knew I was lost when my knitting had to go to cocktail parties with me.

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Oh my god my boyfriend hates it when I knit at get togethers... but I just can't get away from it. I probably shouldn't take it with me as often as I do for times when i'm planning on drinking, because it just causes problems...screw ups...etc.


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Welcome to the world of the knitting obsessed. Fortunately we are a friendly group.

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Yup, welcome to the club.

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Welcome, indeed. When I look back to the few years when I wasn't knitting, I say "What was I thinking?" But I then remember when I took up needles and began a new project (to show a friend how to make slippers I described) going, "Wow!! Have I been missing THIS in my life!" Since then, I may go for a few days without clicking away but knitting has remained an integral part of my life. I read about it; plan future projects; talk it up to friends and family, and knit. Wherever and whenever. Enjoy yourself and don't look back. Books, knitting, cats, fountain pens...Life is Good.

Books, knitting, cats, fountain pens...Life is Good.