Irish Hiking Scarf in Paton's Forest

This is the same Irish hiking scarf I knit for my grandmother, but in Paton's Forest, which I'll wear myself.


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When I was in London in the fall I saw some of that wool at Len's Warehouse. I wondered what I could make with it and obviously it makes a lovely scarf.

purlyman's picture

I like the Paton's stuff. Amazing how well it all worked out on the scarf. I'd love to wear it. Great job.


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Great scarf, I love the way the colors pooled, it looks like argyle.



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I love the pattern the colors make


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Self Argyle-yarn?

MMario - I'm not divorced from reality - we're having a trial separation

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Yep - self-argyle yarn... actually I was really surprised when I started knitting this, since my previous attempt was in a solid colour. I was somewhat disappointed by the fact that the cables are not really apparent, but then I noticed the pattern made by the variegated yarn, and decided that it was a keeper.