The Fog Sweater

This is the first sweater I've knit, since I took up knitting about a year ago. The yarn is Cascade merino, and is very, very soft and warm! The pattern was well-written...and free (it's on Ravelry)!

I've asked my LYS to order me some yarn for my next sweater, so for the next two weeks I get to work on my lace kitchen curtain.


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Very nice. I'm jealous, I just can't get into the sweater thing or anything that actually has to fit. I have to say you did an incredible job on you first sweater.

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Great job! I really like the stich variation from body to shoulder. Thanks for providing the name, I want to knit another sweater soon and I've been finding lots of great designs and now I've found another.

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Great Job!
Fit looks good and the color is beautiful.

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That is a lovely sweater. Great knitting.

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Very nice!! Looks and fits great!! And the sleeves are long enough, too!! My problem has been sleeves that are too short. It's a great looking sweater. Congrats!


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Great job! After a year of knitting you're doing this kind of work? Keep it up! Inspiration overload. :)

Keep it lite and happy!

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Wow! Gorgeous sweater and the fit is perfect. I'm truly impressed.



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Yours looks better than the original on Ravellry.

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Great sweater, I particularly like the pattern around the top.

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Gotta add my compliments too! I love turtlenecks and the color green. The fit is great. You definately have a talent for sweaters.

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Beautifully done sweater!! The patterning is terrific, and the colour delicious.
Hmmmm...the pattern is on ravelry?...oh oh!...I see a new project on the horizon.

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Thanks - to you and everyone else who's commented on the sweater. I enjoyed knitting it, and really look forward to my next project. Did I mention this sweater is warm... in fact, I discovered, too warm to wear in an office! It's perfect for long winter walks, though. If you get a chance, check out the work of the designer on Ravelry. Her work is great!

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Where can I see the sweater?