Row Counter Plus from Nancy's Knit Knacks

Now this could just be a man thing - and apologies to anyone who's seen this before - but inside an airmail parcel received the other day was my brand-new Row Counter Plus, what must be one of the most technologically advanced aids for the hand knitter.

I am fairly useless at remembering to increase my row count using one of those little tubular gizmos you put on the end of one of your needles. But because I like gadgets so much my new toy is helping lots.

Row Counter Plus can keep track of up to 3 separate counts of your rows of knitting. A digital display shows the count well for buttons operate the functions:

  • increase count by one
  • decrease count by one
  • clear the active counter
  • toggle between the three different counts

The counter is also supplied with a black lanyard so it can be conveniently hung around your neck. The ribbon on the original is quite long - even for a 6' guy - so I swapped it for the shorter one shown in the photograph. The hole for attaching the counter to the lanyard is very small, and it's a bit of a fiddle trying to recreate a replacement. That's about the worst criticism I can make about the product.

The manufacturer, Nancy's Knit Knacks, also make a simpler version that keeps count of just one item, and has just two buttons. I haven't seen too many places selling either of these, and certainly nowhere over here in the UK. If you are interested, the following links may help:


scottly's picture

OMG - it's a dream come true (my drama queen response)! I hate, hate those stupid tube dial counters and its impossibe for me to remember what row I'm on - I'm a total air head. Thanks for the tip, I'll order one today.

crmartin's picture

I just received mine a week ago and am loving it. I agree that the lanyard is much too long, I'll have to see what I can do with that.



Thomasknits's picture

Jealous...I want one pretty bad, but being a poor college student means no unnecessary extras for knitting...I spend enough as it is on yarn worth knitting with and knitting needles worth knitting with. I just use a piece of paper and pen to keep count if needed. On my current project, the Queen Anne's Lace by MMario, I'm just making a mark by each row in the chart once I finish it.


Britisher's picture

Maybe you could drop big hints that you'd like it as a birthday gift? or a reward for working hard? or that you are open to bribes?