Knitting in the News

Here is a link to an story regarding knitting in this current economic situation.


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Here is the link.

Anybody who thinks they've happened upon an inexpensive hobby during economically challenging times is probably not buying Manos de Uruguay as pictured in the video clip. Otherwise, it's nice to see our addiction and suppliers getting press.


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That depends on what hobbies you are comparing it with. Hell - even buying qiviut would be cheap compared to, for example;
auto racing,
or hot air ballooning,
or even skiing - if you aren't *in* a ski area.

For that matter - a friend of mine skies every weekend - and drops an average of $125 bucks a weekend doing it. I can buy a lot of yarn for $125.

MMario - I'm not divorced from reality - we're having a trial separation

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Exactly Mario, unless you're knitting with vicuna this is a fairly inexpensive hobby in relative terms. Plus I find that I can sell just enough stuff to break even on my yarn habit. And then when I think of how many packs of Marlboro lights I no longer consume becasue of knitting I realize how lucrative it really is. lol

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I don't ski, even though I live in ski country, but I should have stayed home Friday night and knitted instead of going to the casino; could have bought a lot of yarn with what I donated to them!