Anaheim, CA Knit togethers?

Alright, so I'm in Anaheim, CA for tonight and tomorrow night.

Any good Yarn Stores I should check out? And Ktogs happening locally?

Any guys just wannt get together and knit?

Let me know!


Annaheim, CA? Lucky you! If I were down there, I'd look you up for a sit & knit at a local beer joint or something. Alas, I am a good 22 hour drive to the north, well away from the sunshine of southern CA, I can assure you. Have a great trip. Good luck meeting up with some of these guys.


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Visit Crafty Andy's Blog Get in touch with Kyle WIlliams, I am sure he has plenty of people he knows and he lives in that area. That Area meaning Los Angeles.

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wow if I had known (and had time this week!) I would have drove down to meet you... the best place to find shops (anywhere) is - it's cool and free!

I don't know all the shops in that area - but there are some good ones... check out that site and maybe it'll help! :) - and next time you're in town, let us know ahead of time so maybe we can plan something! :)