Scarf Exchange 2, weaving in loose ends.

Hey Guys,

Everyone's been pretty silent about scarf exchange problems, so I hope that means all's winding up well. After missing the Deadline myself by three weeks, I know easy it is to let things slide sometimes.

Anyone still waiting? Anyone still Knitting? I'll assume all is okay unless I hear from you.



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Mine has gone out and been received; and I'm in contact with the person sending to me; so I am set.

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I sent mine out, and it has been received. My spoiler sent an email and said mine had been sent and I am waiting with anticipation.

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I sent mine out back in Jan., I think it was received.
I received mine in Dec!

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Visit Crafty Andy's Blog Received mine and mine was received, or the other way around lol!

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Mine was sent and received, but I haven't heard from my spoilee about mine yet.

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Still knitting... :( I've emailed my spoilee and let him know I wasn't done yet.

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Guess I am too late to participate in the exchange this time since I am a newbie. Any anticipation for another?

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The scarf I made was sent and recieved, and Stuart emailed me today saying that mine will soon be here! Only three weeks late, but that is okay, it is still freezing cold here.

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I have sent mine out and it is in transit, let my receiver know, my knitter has e-mailed to say he is running behind so I am set.


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I'm a dork too... I haven't sent mine just yet, bit I contacted my buddy, and let him know.

I've yet to receive my scarf... so my other buddy is a little behind too...

No worries.

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I was determined that I would not be behind in this... I didn't need it to become something hanging over me. Happily I got it mailed out in early January and my buddy has received it !!

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Recived mine!!! and Sent the one I made to my spoilee, haven't heard weather or not he recived it. I sent it UPS so I hope he got it. I e-mailed him asking him weather or not he recived it or not, haven' t heard either way.

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Finally got mine in the mail and have e-mailed the recipient to be expecting it. I'd had it done for a while, but then I found out about a unique opportunity for a goodie, so held off another week. I have received the gorgeous scarf knit for me!