Diagonal Striped Bathroom Rug

I finally finished my bathroom rug. I started last Fall on a coiled version, ripped it out twice and found this stitch to use instead. I actually finished it last weekend then noticed that about one-third of the way into it, I wasn't paying attention and my slipped stiches were done with the yarn in front instead of the back. So, I dropped the stitches in each column, re-knitted them and on my last column ran into a problem where I had already woven in some ends and ended up with a big hole in the rug. So I ripped out about one-third of it and redid it. Now it's finally done and I can stop putting down towels on my cold floor.

I did this with Lion Brand Wool Ease Worsted, double stranded (it was leftover from a cable sampler afghan I did years ago that was my first big project). The stitch is called 'Triple L Tweed' in Barbara Walker's Treasury of Knitting Patterns (the blue one) and is usually done in 3 colors. After I made a swatch I realized there could be a diagonal pattern if I alternated between 2 colors every two rows. I had to make an Excel spreadsheet to coordinate the color changes and pattern changes in the rows. But it's finally done and I'm enjoying a glass of wine and will enjoy having warmth under my feet from now on in my bathroom. Finished size is about 45x30.

Update: I've added a PDF of the pattern below if anyone is interested.


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Wow, after all that I might be tempted to hang it on the wall instead of putting it on the floor. Nice job!

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Looks really good! Way to stick with a project. I hate when I make a mistake on a project. I swear I won't do it again and then of course make another mistake and have to frog some more.

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Can you send me the pattern possibly? I need a bath rug myself.


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I'll be happy to get the pattern to you. I need to consolidate it into something readable though, so it might take me a day or so. Right now, it's all spread over several sheets of paper.

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What a wonderful way to use up left overs. That is a creative and useful project. Great knitting.

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Beautiful! I love the stitch pattern and color combination.



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OMG...all the work you put into that pattern is amazing. Thanks for doing that. It kinda makes me want to make an entire dining room rug...but then again, kinda not.

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I have a growing fascination with knitted rugs. I've been tearing pics from catalogues, collecting ideas for future projects...

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Thanks for the pattern. One of these days, I'm def going to make one, but I hope my dog doesn't pee on it since he likes to pee on the bathroom floor at night time. I'll just have to remember to take the rug up off the floor each night.


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Very nice looking rug. Knitting rugs sounds like something I'd like to do. Have you knitted then felted any?

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Not yet. I think this would be a cool pattern to felt with the right yarn, although it does have a fair amount of texture due to the slipped stiches kind of sinking into the fabric.

There's a felted rug pattern in the 2nd Mason Dixon book that looks nice and I'd love to make it, but don't know where it would go. Maybe I should make it and let it's home find me.

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Great variation on this pattern. The end product is really beautiful. I've been playing lately with torn sheets, towels, t-shirts and jeans for knitting rugs. The sheet ones have come out great... can't wait to try the other "yarns" soon.

talk to you soon...
The Shibaguyz

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You did an amazing job on the pattern. I love a well written pattern. It's a gift! Excellent.

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I used to teach Web Design, Computer Programming and many other topics at the college level, so I had plenty of practice writing up detailed instructions. If you decide to make it and have a problem or question, don't hesitate to let me know.