My partner brought home all of this!

Its nearly all acrylic DK! He doesn't really know what he's doing when if comes to fibre... but it was a sweet thought. He is a theatre designer and the wardrobe were going to throw it all away.

Does anyone have a recommended pattern that I might knit up in the dark green acrylic DK -- there is quite a lot of it! I was thinking of a slim fit cardigan, something like that...

Any suggestions most welcome.


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Acrylics are great for baby stuff; lap throws, etc where you don't want to have to worry about the washing. And bettter put to SOME use then thrown away!!! (gasp!)

But yeah, I can see the green as a cardigan.

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There's two balls of pale yellow and a ball and a half of white which cried out baby stuff to me too.

Anything funky out there which isn't too old fashioned? Any pattern pointers? My bf's cousin is expecting her first baby soon so I should start.


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The Pinwheel Blanket makes a great baby gift. I knit 2 for cousins who are expecting.

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Is that two skeins or three of turquoise? ...or just a light blue? ...or a blue-green aiming more on the blue side?

Sometimes my monitor doesn't understand how important yarn colour can be sometimes...

From my vantage point, it looks like the blue(-ish?) would go well with the green for something.

I second MMario. A nice cardigan would be nice.

Some of the purple and white would make a REALLY nice hat and mitten set -- warm, too, if you do up a nice two-colour pattern or something...well, warm for being acrylic and least it would be doubled up.

Oooooooh, and what's the colour of that little one right in the middle at the bottom of the stack? Is that a sage-ish green or a gray? 'could do something with the blue skeins at the side...they look like they might go together well enough...perhaps some slippers...that Zimmermann Moccasin sock pattern with just a small ribbing, perhaps only a couple of inches or even less...

One way or the other, acrylic -- even, it's a great thing to have -- can be knit up well enough. So thoughtful of him...give 'im a great big hug!


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let me see if I can describe the colours.

Dark bottle green at the back... thats what I have the most of.

To the left a sort of green/aqua colour, nice I like it, at the bottom of that is a brown... not so nice, then next door at the bottom is a sort of sage green... I think it might be a cotton (def not acrylic), on top a plain white, not much of it. To the right a really nice, vibrant purple and then to the right again 3 balls (not 2 as I said originally) of a pale yellow.

Thats it.

Someone on Ravelry has suggested Jared Flood's Tomten jacket... but the link to the 'free pattern' on Ravelry just takes me to Jared's blog. Am I missing a link in there to the actual pattern??

Anyone know?

And yes, bf got a big hug and an extra special cuddle, plus a cup of tea in bed this morning...

Adrian / x


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The adult tomten is actually an EZ pattern. From Jared's blog is the following:

Pattern: Adult Tomten Jacket
By: Elizabeth Zimmermann
Source: The Opinionated Knitter, Knitting w/o Tears, and Knitting Workshop

MMario - I'm not divorced from reality - we're having a trial separation

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About the pattern: Yes, what MMario said.

I LOVE the Tomten!

...and it's wicked easy to knit up -- all garter stitch and so simple. I was, for a while, making them for the charity group that I belong to.

Good luck with your endeavors.


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Some acrylic is nicer then others. This looks like it might be the better variety and I always like to do socks out of DK weight - it's a fast knit and they are usually nice and cozy socks. That pale yellow would make a nice pair of what my husband and I call play socks.