Ball Winder Winner

I checked my email tonight and to my joy I found out I was the winner of the ball winder raffled by William. It was such a surprise. I can't wait to get it. I'm hoping to pay it forward in the future as I upgrade knitting supplies as Willaim did. I am so glad that we have a "Men Who Knit" site where we can discuss patterns, fibers and talk about what works and what doesn't. I hope this site continues to grow and grow. Once again thanks a million William.

Dennis Brown


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Well, Dennis, I stoped by my favorite LYS, The Fold in Marengo, IL (where I purchased my new Heavy Duty Ball Winder) and picked up a little goodie or two to include in your box. However, Toni, the owner of The Fold, was so excited for you... that she decided to include several surprise items for you as well!

I don't even know everything she put in the box! I told her that I would wait for you to post pictures about your loot!

I am really glad to hear you are planning to "pay it forward"



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What a kind deed, It's people like you that make MWK such a wonderful community. Congratulations Dennis!



Indeed! 'nuff said.


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Congratulations! Now be careful this time...we don't want another unfortunate incident like when we went on that golf outing and you fell off the ball washer.
Seriously, I got one last year and don't know how I lived without one. And they're hypnotic to watch!