Cascade 220 Color Swatches

I love Cascade 220 yarn. So many beautiful, rich, saturated colors to choose from. As my stash growns, so does the challenge of selecting combinations of colors for future projects. I have to haul everything out so I can hold them up against each other to see what combinations I like. I finally came up with the idea of making my own swatches. I cut 3" by 5" index cards into narrow strips, printed the color names and numbers on paper and taped them to the strips, and punched holes in either end (one for the swatch of yarn, the other for the ring to hold them all together). It took a while but now I have a set of portable swatches I can pull out anytime and can also carry with me to the LYS. Okay, so no one has ever accused me of NOT being detail oriented... :-)

In the background of the picture is my latest project. The colors are Highland Green (#9430) and Turmeric (#7823).


murfpapa's picture

Cool idea! And love the colors of the hat. Good work!

Kerry's picture

Your hat looks great, love the colours.

mrossnyc's picture

That's a great idea!

chipsir's picture

Oh yes!!!!!!!!!! I just love Cascade 220 Heathers, I took 6 skeins of varying colours to Solomon in Mexico, he was thrilled with them. I hope you don't mind if I use your swatch wheel idea!!!!!!!!!!!!

scottly's picture

Cascade 220 is my very favorite of all yarns and not just for all the great colors but also for it's forgiving nature. It handles so beautifully. My favorite are the tweeds.