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I finished this up last week and gave it the wash and block over the weekend.  I finally got around to taking a picture to post on it.  The sweater is the Sampler Sweater from Simply Beautiful Sweater For Men.  The grey yarn I purchased last year at our knitting guild's annual yarn auction.  It came in 2 very large skeins and was unmarked.  It is a single ply, loosely spun worsted weight wool.

 When I knit the back using the first skein, I finished the back with a good sized ball of yarn left.  So I thought I would have plenty to make 2 sleeves from each of the 2 skeins.  Well the other skein was obviously a partial, because the front took nearly all of it to make.

 I had about 4.5 oz of yarn left, so what to do.  The grey yarn has flecks of orange, mustard, blue and green in it.  I bourght a scrap of it with me and picked out some Paton's Classic Wool in Paprika, which I thought picked up the color of the orange flecks nicely.

I knit the sleeves from the shoulders down, using half of the leftover yarn for each side before switching to the Paprika Wool.  I like the loook of the color combinations and it fits very comfy.  Just need a cool day so I can wear it.  The gals at the Thursday night Knitting Circle ooohed and ahhhed over it when I showed it to them. 

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Ooo-ing & Aaah-ing in unison with the Knitting Circle ladies.  Nifty sweater!

Longtime faggot, first time knitter.

Longtime faggot, first time knitter.

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Excellent job adding the different colour - it looks like you planned it that way.  I like your style.  Necessity really is the mother of invention! 

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