Knit or Crochet Yamulke

Does anyone have a pattern or know where I can get a pattern to either knit or crochet a yamulke ? My partner wants me to make him one and I am having difficulty finding a pattern.


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I have a knitted one from "Greetings From The Knit Cafe" I can send it to you if you like, I have made it and it is quite nice

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With all the Jewish knitters out there, there are TONS of free patterns on-line for Kippa's/Yarmulkes.

Here's a web site that has two links on for crochet patterns and one for knitting patterns (see the links on the right of the page):

I posted a pattern on this MWK site. Look up "kippah". It's fast, fun and felted. I can send you it as a xls file if you want. -- Dan

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With minor modifications, this would make a great yamulke...