Holiday is over!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Hi.... I arrived back yesterday and am missing the sun already. Had a wonderful and productive vacation (knitting of course). I met up with "Solomondre" and gave him a care package and spent the afternoon knitting and chatting on the beach in the "Blue Chair" resort. We went to a good show that evening, it was hilarious, maybe some of you know the Act, the "Kinsey Sic" I believe they where called, entitled "Wake the fuck up America" had me in stitches all evening (no pun intended). I worked desperately on a Alpaca sweater for myself but didn't take enough yarn with me and ran out mid week so began socks in Noro Sock yarn. Of course I arrive back in Toronto only to discover my luggage is missing. What!!!!!! I screamed my addi turbo's where in that case lol. Never mind the fact that the boyfriends Valentine gifts where there also. He was very understanding though as he passed a Rose and box of Chocolates over lol. Anyway I see you all have been busy so I must catch up on the blogs and get back to some serious knitting lol is there any other kind for an addicted knitter like myself
Hugzzzzzzzzzz to all

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Love your beach knitting photo. Hope they found your Addi'

A few months back, I was knitting a very complex lace project...fine needles, fine gauge and it was taking me forever. I ended up leaving the project on the airplane and it was never found.

Mostly, I was pissed because the knitting needles were The lace I re-created afterwards.

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knitting on the beach- good name for a new mixed drink; any recipe suggestions?

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How about one part estrogen one part protein and a dash of twink????? lol

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Sounds like your trip was great, love the knitting on the beach. You were lucky we went to Florida a week ago and FROZE. No beach time at all, only winter coat time.

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Sorry to hear of your bad weather, mine was great with about 4-5 hours of hot sunshine with cloud cover in the morning and late afternoon. I think the sun went in for happy hour same as myself lol.

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Oh Joe...that was terrible...I got a call this am saying my case was found and would be delievered tomorrow, I can relax now I got my addi's back lol

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That is truly excellent you can gorge on the Valentine's candy! Life is good.

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We love the Kinsey Sicks!! A hilarious, very talented group of guys. We've seen them in SF and believe it or not, several times in Lincoln, Nebraska. I'm glad you caught their act.

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Yes the best I have ever seen and thanks for correcting the name for me as I was not sure if it was sic or sick