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Finished. I got through this better than I thought I would. For being my first large piece to have worked on, I'm darned proud! But, I certainly felt the challenge: the knitting got tight, and then loose, and then tight. And, several times I stopped to tear a row or two out to get it turned around. All the while though, I was elated to see the piece developing.
The time that I take to sit and knit is well spent. I'd come away from those knitting sessions feeling great. I'm glad I chose to knit way back when and to get back into it once again. I can see that I have my work cut out for me, though. To learn how to keep things nice and even. I've read in other blogs where somebody will say they're usually a tight knitter and know how to handle that. Hehe. I'm blessed to read those things. Really am!

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I think it looks great, congratulations! Looking forward to seeing more.



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This looks beautiful. id like to do something similiar in grey.

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Uneven tension usually smooths out with practice. Which is a great excuse to do more knitting!

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