Lace, isn't it the most disturbing picture when it is on a needle, hopefully this shawl will be finished and blocked in the next few weeks, and for any of you who read my previous blog, I got a call this morning........the missing suit case has been found and will be returned to me tomorrow!!!!!

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I am so glad they found it. Your Addi's will be home soon!

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My current WIP is a lace shawl too... Queen Anne's Lace by Mmario... it's way fun. Can't wait to get it blocked.


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That is what is so awesome about knitting lace. When it's on the needle it looks like a pile of limp noodles. But once you wet it and stretch it out, it becomes something beautiful.

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I've got a Pi shawl on the needles right now and it really doesn't look all that spectacular. It's all bunched up and misshapen. Each round is 576 stitches right now and they're tedious! It's going to be some time before this one is finished.