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So, I was sick over the past few days and couldn't see out of my left eye due to an eye infection. As uncomfortable as it was, I managed to finish a project while home from work. Tell me what you think!


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Hi Jeff, I'm a newbie here. Nice to meet you! I sure like this scarf. WOW! Very masculine I think. Love the colors. Great job!

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I do like the combination of the two colors. Awesome scarf.


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I find the two different yarn textures fascinating...makes me wish I could see the scarf in person and get a sense about the texture mix.

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Gorgeous! I love the color combination.



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That looks almost doubleknit; is it a tube? slip stitch?

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Thanks for all the great comments. It's just two yarn colors knit together in a garter stitch - but it did create some really cool texture without much effort.