Guys and Directions

What is it with us and directions. Do we have some gene that inhibits our ability to read/ask for directions? I am starting a sweater and I ended up spending three plus hours checking the gauge because I wasn't following the pattern directions. Then, feeling good because I got the gauge down, I happily cast on 166 stitches and began my two-by-two rib and got to work. About an inch and a half into the work I decided to look at the directions to find that the ribbing was to be done on needles two sizes smaller. RIP.....RIP....RIP.....
Is there some stem cell research going on out there to fix this problem?



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That's a good question. There's something about having a willy that makes us not follow directions closely.


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Perhaps we're too busy following the "willy" to follow directions?

Just a theory.

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I dunno, Buck. I imagine we could find several guys around here who would be happy to take orders from you. ;)

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It'd be great to take orders, but not if the guy giving them wasn't following the pattern closely himself.


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Depends entirely: Driving? I hate getting lost/wasting time...I always ask if I think I'm lost.

Knitting? PATTERN? WHAT PATTERN? lololololol!

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Just in to big of a hurry and want immediate satisfaction is my take on all of this

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This is my theory - women wrote most of them which makes them incomprehensible to us. I'm glad I'm not the only one with this problem.

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Amen, brother!

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On the bright side, using smaller needles for sweater ribbing is often part of the pattern so maybe next time you won't have to read them as thoroughly?

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You can always consider it making the pattern your own.

Personally I am not a fan of ribbing that is tighter than the sweater body, prefering the more relaxed look and feel of creating the ribbing on the same sized needles, or leaving the ribbing off entirely.