Sweater with Zipper?

I'm about to embark on my next ridiculous project but I'm trying to plan this one out in advance.

I'm modifying the Avast pattern from Knitty, but I'm planning on having a big knitted image on the front (see the picture for my early trial of color work). The pattern calls for a 90 degree switch for the bands that the zipper will go into. Is this absolutely necessary? I'm hoping to just work in the stockinette stitch and sew the zipper to the edge of that.

Does anyone know if that will work okay? Is there something I need to do on the edge where the zipper will go to make this okay?

I'm trying to plan this out so my first attempt will be gorgeous.


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Love the test knit. I really want to make something along this idea. As for the zipper thing, no clue.

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Holy Composite Superman! LOL... sorry the comic-book superhero geek in me just started raging when I saw that. Could also be that I just watched seasons 1-6 of Smallville over the past few weeks.

Love, love, love the idea and cannot wait to see it made. Now if you just do stockinette without a band for the zipper your edges will curl, like the outer edges of your test piece, and you will lose the effect of the 2 pieces coming together. Rather than working a band at 90 degrees to the body you can work additional stitches for the band but in a stitch that will lay flat, ie, garter, seed stitch, ribbing.

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I did a sweater last fall for my sister with a zipper. I picked up stitches all along the edge around the neck and down the other side. Knitted about 4-5 rows. Put two rows of reverse stockinette in and then went back to stockinette for one row less than the front. Cast off and if gives you a wonderful stable edge that you can hand stitch your zipper too. Stockinette will curl and not really be strong enough to anchor a zipper to that will be pulled repeatedly.
Good luck

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What if I follow the pattern and do the bizarre 90 degree turn and knit 4 or 5 rows, but then fold that under and sew through both that and the stockinette pattern? Would that reduce the likelihood of curling and make a strong enough edge?

It seems like it would, but given that this is my first zipper, I'd rather not assume...

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I agree with Thairapist.

The ninety degree turn is most likely picked up stitches along the side edge of the work. If you sew the zipper onto your normal edge without any band, it won't look good and won't last. Pick up stitches along the edge, make a band that folds and is attached to the other side and use that for your zipper.... Check out the Vogue Knitting book, there are great instructions for this in there....

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