Hi guys nice to find a site of other men who knit. I learned to knit about a dozen years ago. I put down my needles for a few years but started to knit again last year when my daughter was pregnant. The pics are of one of my recent projects - it is an all seed-stich sweater I made for my granddaughter Sadie Mae.

 Its made from a debbie bliss pattern. I made it out of a really funky novelty yarn I found at a Joann's craft store. The yarn has a metalic thread that runs through it so it is all sparkly. This jacket is my homage to the one Judy Garland wore at her ' 61 Carnegie Hall concert (I figure what fun is it having a gay grandpa if you don't flaunt it a bit).



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Beautiful grandaughter! Beautiful sweater! I knitted my grandson a white sweater with fuzzy rainbow stripes... Bill

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I think that knitting for children is so wonderful and your lovely granddaughter will cherish this when she's an adult.  It's not uncommon here in NZ for people to knit baby sweaters (we call them matinee jackets!)  Thank you for sharing your fantastic workmanship! 


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Very cute! Gotta love baby stuff. Thanks for posting the pics and welcome to the site!