Here is a picture of my next project. It is a cardigan for one of my roommates. So far I have the front and back and just a couple of inches on the right sleeve. The body is a k3p1 rib pattern and the sleeves are all stockinette. The yarn is my old standby, Caron Simply Soft. Nice and easy. Once it is done, it should be one of those "go to " sweaters. If it isn't, I can always confiscate it for myself!

I never realized how long my loose ends were until I took this picture. It's a little embarrassing, kinda like walking around with your zipper half unzipped. Nothing to blatant, just a little "unkempt". Oh well, I'll take care of them later.


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I think it looks great, long threads or no. I am having a hard time understanding the neckline, what did you do? This could be why my one attempt at a sweater turned out poorly.

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It is going to be a V-neck. I started the decreases for it on the same row that i did the "set backs" (not sure what they are actually called) for the sleeves. I stopped the decreases halfway up from there. I figured it worked on the sweaters I crocheted, so it should work here also.

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Beautiful Job. I would love to see it all finished on your friend.
thanks for sharing

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Looks good so far and the long ends will make the weaving in easier when you're finished.