Feather and Fan scarf in Alpaca

Here it is! It's just basic feather and fan, super easy, but it looks so nice, and I just love working with alpaca! I can't even say how many yards this took as I don't know how much was on the cone nor can I even guess what I've got left. It blocked out to about eight feet long and about nine inches wide.

On Saturday I'm going to give it to the woman who gave me the yarn. She's sure to love it!

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My God, she'll flip. That is absolutely gorgeous!!!

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Tres chic. That is something I would call "classic elegance"

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Your work is beautiful. Great job!

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I love the feather & fan, it always looks right for any occassion. Great job.

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A true work of art. Great knitting.

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My you completed that in record time and it truely is beautiful!!!!!! I love Alpaca as well it is so easy to wear, I have a sweater on the needles as we speak.

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Alpaca is lovely to work with. Beautiful scarf, it's such a lovely pattern.

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How beautiful. She will fall in love with it as soon as she sees it. I love the pattern.


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The scarf is beautiful and it seems like you finished it really fast! My attempt at a feather and fan stitch resulted in the knitting not laying flat so I gave up on it. Seeing your scarf though makes me want to try again.

Regarding the amount of yarn you have left vs. what you used, etc. If you want to get an estimate, why not weigh the scarf and the cone, figure out how they compare in weight and you'll at least have a guideline as to whether you have enough for another scarf or something else.

I'm probably letting my inner-math-nerd show along with my anal-perfectionist streak, but when I'm using coned yarn and I'm in starting a project, I will make a swatch, weigh it, figure out how many stitches I made in the swatch and then gently rip the thing out and measure the yarn without pulling on it. From there you can get the stitches per ounce and also the stitches per yard/foot. After that estimate/calculate the number of stitches needed in the project and do the math from there.

It's not perfect because the yarn might be a little stretched and my scale only goes to the tenth of the ounce so it might be rounding the weight. But, generally speaking, this method has served me well in making an afghan and sweaters from coned yarn when I wasn't sure if I'd have enough.

Hope that isn't an overload. Anyway, great job on the scarf!

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What an incredibly beautiful scarf - she will certainly love it!

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Great knitting. Feather and Fan is such an elegant looking pattern. I've used it many times for afghans. And alpaca is such a delight to work with. I used some handspun, locally produced alpaca that friends brought back from the San Juan Islands for a beanie cap and moebius scarf (not wanting to waste an inch) and they are fantastic - warm, great stitch definition, and a rich deep purple. I'm sure your friend will enjoy the scarf; it's a great gift to reward her for her gift. Take care. Books, knitting, cats, fountain pens...Life is Good.

Books, knitting, cats, fountain pens...Life is Good.

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quite beautiful.

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