deciding on next project

As I knit one project, I'm always thinking about the next 2 or 3 projects and I find that I get my ideas for next projects in different ways. I'll see an interesting stitch pattern, some yarn from my stash finally 'speaks' to me, or I'll see a design that gives me some ideas.

At the moment I'm finishing up one project and have been swatching ideas for my next one and I was wondering what you guys do in figuring out your upcoming projects?


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well, I write them down, post them to the internet and hope someone will knit them; because I don't have the time. *grin*

The worst part is every project seems to spark off more. Or someone see one and then says to me something like "Could you do thus and so?" - and then the thought starts bouncing around inside the skull .....

MMario - I'm not divorced from reality - we're having a trial separation

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dI have a folder where I stash ideas. And I'm always just looking around for ideas, both on line and here in Istanbul. My next project will be another afghan based on a tiled wall in Tokapi Palace. So even as I knit on my current project, my mind drifts over to the next one.

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I have found that I like to alternate between challenging and easy, familiar and new, quick projects and investments of time. At the moment, I am in a frenzy of new AND familiar, easy and relatively quick projects... right now I want results. But I have it itching the back of my brain that next up (after the 4 shawls I currently have going) I have to cast on another MMario shawl... I wonder if I will ever successfully complete socks... Will the half-fingered gloves ever be finished? It's all good, regardless. Keeping me sane, one stitch at a time!

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My ravelry queue is one place I go for next project ideas. A lot of times, I'll use something in the queue just for inspiration, not necessarily as a pattern to follow. I also have my own basic ideas of patterns for useful stuff like hats socks scarves etc, that I sometimes try to improvise off of.


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The Queue is one of the best parts of Ravelry. It takes so little time to add something to my Ravelry queue, and when I want to start it, I know exactly where to get the pattern and what yarn I'll need. Like Thomas, it is a constant source of inspiration.

And even better...if you use Firefox as your browser, you can have a button in your link bar that allows you to add any web site into your Ravelry if Thomas were to show a picture of one of his garments that I wanted to make, I could just click on the "Add to Ravelry Queue" button and it would be forever linked.

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I like to learn something really different and new every month or so. I'm not the most accomplished knitter in the world so there are lots of new and different things for me to learn thank goodness. I almost always have a pair of socks going and a scarf so that I always have something portable to take with me out and about but the special projects are usually geared around something I've never done before - a new challenge.