Details, they want details!

Thanks, guys, for all the kind words. I have to get an image of the sweater on here, soon, lest I be branded as a provocateur or prevaricator...or both!

The 12 colors are not being used at one time...the most I chose to use was three at a time.

To the writer who used five, all I can say is, "I am not worthy!"

I alternate half of the colors, two groups of light and dark, in bands three stitches and five stitches wide, respectively. The bands are alternated in my own, Fibonacci-esque, design. I started the sweater in #6, then #7, finishing the chest to top with #8 circs. No seams, raglan decreases, steeked V-neck opening. The change in needles was because the wearer has a 33" waist and a 52" chest. If I didn't do that, then he would look like he was wearing a cardboard box costume. The weave stitch I employed to avoid floats will create fabric that can be dense, has little drape and is extremely working with boiled wool fabric.

The sleeves were done first to test gauge, color interaction and pattern. I saw there that the smaller needle on the body was a better decision than mucking with the pattern with decreases or steeked sleeves.

I have become a trophy male customer in my LYS, The Point, in NYC, as the Herald for Public Displays of Male Knitting.


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Can't wait to see the sweater. I've been to The Point many times, but haven't made it to the Men's night yet. I'm taking a spinning class and dyeing class there this weekend and looking forward to them both.

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The sweater sounds interesting. I am glad it is for someone else, it would be a shame to cover that fine body.