For Little Emma

I knit this little cardigan for my best friend's little girl, Emma for her first birthday. I got the pattern from Lion Brand's website (free pattern) and knit it with a worsted acrylic/wool blend. I thought about going all wool, but I decided that with kids and dogs a little acrylic in the mix can really help hold the piece up to repeated washings. My best friend LOVED it and said it fit perfectly with a little room to grow. She promises to send me pics with Emma wearing it so I'll post those as soon as I get them.


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Sorry, it took me a while to post the photo correctly!

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One more time...

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Thought I'd post a link to your other image.

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Thanks Mario! I appreciate your help!

It looks great! Did you have to sew on the arms; or did you pick up stitches? How long did it take?


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Thanks! I sewed the arms. I'm working on a sweater for my partner right now that's my first attempt at no seams! It probably took me two to three weeks to complete while working on a couple of other projects in between.

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I am sure she will love the sweater. You did a great job.

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That's adorable and Emma is gorgeous. Great job!



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Cute cute cute!! You did a great job!! The colors are great too!! Congrats.


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I love the striping and choice of color. It's adorable. Great job!

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So Cute
Can't wait to see the pics of Emma in it.