Two Years and a lot of swearing

So I realized yesterday at knit night at my LYS that I have been knitting for just over three years now. For most of that time, I have always had one project sitting in my pocket for those times that I have nothing to do and can sit and knit. I do not have that much down time that I am not doing something else, and I really hate these socks, so it has taken me some time to get them done. I have also always had something else to work on, and these have always seemed like an endless project so my work on them was often a few hours one day, and the I would put them down for several months at a time. On my recent trip to Spokane to sing for the NMEA convention the very long van ride allowed me to knit almost 8 inches and with less than four inches left I put aside all my other projects and finished the stupid things. They fit, the only problems I have with them is the small hole where they heel flap joined to the foot, and the women at my LYS love them...but they took so long that I just hate them. I am going to wear them out, so that I can get my time time/effort-worth out of them.


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Very funny story, I always tell my customers to choose a yarn they like and is functional for the project. Some projects can be a wip for a long time so best you enjoy it. I usually knit into the back of the picked up stitch on the heel flap and that twists the stitch and generally gets rid of the hole thing. If I end up with a small hole at the corner of the flap and the instep I just do a duplicate stitch over the offending hole, yes I get them too lol.

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I think they look great! So many sock yarns and patterns are just too feminine for guys to wear. Who wants to take on a boring pattern that you can't wear. Do you hate the sock because of how long they took, the pattern or the colorway?


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I hate them because they of the frustration that went into them. I like how they look, the color is fine, I just look at them and the two years of "Oh God, I don't want to work on those" comes flooding back. I am sure that I will like them when I wear them, but for now I am unhappy.

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Whenever I've had a project that just does not do anything for me, that has bad memories, or that was pure frustration to do, I put them away in a box when they are done, and leave them there until they can smarten up and learn to behave!

Often, when I find them again, they are much nicer, more pleasant, do what they are supposed to and never sass me back! But I do have one that has languished for quite a number of years now, and it is still mean and nasty and a real cantankerous old thing! It's going to stay back in the dark corner for a bit longer. And if it never learns to behave, I'll cut it up and make thrums out of it, or it will become stuffing for something. I just might sell it to some unsuspecting bystander -- oh, that would be too mean.

Put these socks in the back of the sock drawer, and let them think about what they have done to you, and when they come back, they might be a whole new sock, and you will love them!

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These look great and I can relate to the feeling. I'm almost halfway done with the second sock of a pair that have been on the needles for over 2.5 years.

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I like those socks.

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Once you start wearing them you will love them and become addicted to hand knit socks. That is all I wear. Socks are such functional things to knit. Congratulations on finishing them. Great knitting.

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Socks really are so much fun sometimes... And other times not so much. I definitely have a need to make another pair, for it has been far too long.
Wasn't it loads of fun to sing in NMEA though? I sang with my highschool at the NMEA in Nashville a few years ago, and then at the NMEA convention in LA the year after that. I wanna go again so bad.


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Now, that is no way to feel. The socks really enjoyed the time they have spent with you and look forward to caressing and hugging your feet in all their splendor.



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Andrew, once you get spoiled by wearing hand-knit socks you will never want to wear store bought ones. The only time I don't wear hand knit socks are when they are all in the wash. Or if I'm going on a interview and wearing a suit and need to wear plain boring black socks.

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That is why you make socks in black, which is my next sock project. I am going to do the black treads socks from Son of S'n'B. I think they are simple and would be great dress socks.

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Knitting with black is difficult with my old now I knit with fun colours...then dye the item BLACK....

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There are several tips to close that pesky little hole. Unfortunately, I just have to experiment with whichever one seems to be best for the pair of socks I happen to be working on. My favorite is to pick up the running thread before the top part of the foot and then knitting it together (twisted) with the first stitch of the top. Sounds tricky when you try to explain it, but it works fairly well. Books, knitting, cats, fountain pens...Life is Good.

Books, knitting, cats, fountain pens...Life is Good.

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I really like the colorway. I've been knitting my first pair of socks for my partner (who LOVES cool socks) for the last month taking them out of my knitting sachel and putting them back again to work on another WIP. I haven't gotten bored by any means nor have I had any real stumbling blocks (yet), but I think it's just the intimidation of SOCKS that's fueling my procrastination. I've reached the point of almost finishing the heel, so I'm getting nervous about the next step and have put them away again. I'll forge ahead tomorrow after the next part of the pattern makes a little more sense to me and I can conjour up a bit more courage. Anyway, I can relate to the back and forth thing. I think these are great!!! Hopefully mine will turn out half as well.

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Beautiful! I'm looking forward to wearing my first pair of hand-knit socks sometime future. Good for you!

I know the feeling of having a project started and left sitting and it seems to be starring you down, or, screaming at you to get done; and, you'd rather not even look at because of some level of difficulty, or, whatever. I can relate totally. Congrats ! ! !

I have to say a word here about the comradery here. What a great bunch of guys that turned out a comment for this thread. Wow. Wonderful and supportive! I'm happier than ever that I found this site.

Keep it lite and happy!

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