My First BSJ!

Here are some photos of my first EZ project. I have to say I really enjoyed making this and am currently working on my second one. I had a few stumbling blocks with the first one, but was able to work them out and now seem to be making much better work of BSJ 2.

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Visit Crafty Andy's Blog I enjoyed making this one twice and started to make the Adult Size. THis lady was amazing, her Daughter is a great asset to our community as well!

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I love making baby clothes! The colors you chose for this one is great! Where did you get the pattern? I don't seem to be in the loop on this one. I'm sure it's recipient will be most pleased and the buttons were a nice touch--it's all in the details. Nicely done!

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The sweater is the Baby Surprise Jacket by Elizabeth Zimmermann. It is found in "Opinionated Knitter" and also can be ordered from - it is a delightful and fun knit.

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The jacket pattern is also found in "Knitting Workshop" which seems to be an easier publication to locate than "The Opinionated Knitter". I also found a copy of the school house press pattern at my LYS. You may want to ask around the LYS in your area and see if they have copies for sale.

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I just started my Baby Surprise Jacket and have already taken it off the needles are restarted twice. My problem seems to be the markers. They never seem to be in the right place! Starting off, did you have to remove the markers for your psso? What am I doing wrong?! ARGH!

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The decreases are mirrored and you must keep in mind that it's a double decrease. When you place the markers you will be decreasing one stitch on each side of the marker. Here's the best way I know to describe what to look for. On the first marker you place at stitch 35, you knit 34, then slip 35 (your decrease on the right side of the marker). You have to remove the marker and knit 2 together (your decrease on the left side of the marker). Then you pass the slipped stitch over. At this point you need to slip the stitch from the right needle over to the left and replace your marker. Now you have 34 stitches in front of the marker (33 to knit on the next decrease row and one to decrease in like manner).

For the second marker, you do this is mirror image. In order to do this efficiently, I knit to within 2 stitches of the marker and then slip the two stitches as if to purl, slip off the marker and slip the next stitch as if to purl and replace the marker. Then I slip two of the slipped stitches from the right needle back to the left needle and knit them together and passed the remaining slipped stitch over and voila, you have 34 stitches following the marker which mirrors the other side of the work. It's a little pesky and cumbersome, but once you get the idea behind how the decreases should be worked you can get rid of the markers and work the decreases by reading your knitting.

Similarly, you want to work your increases the same. Hope this helps. Let me know if there's anything else you're having trouble with. I'll do my best to offer any help I can.

Good Knitting, as EZ would say.

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Thanks! That actually makes to cast on AGAIN...hopefully I'll have a finished project to post on here! I bought $70 worth of Noro silk so I am determined to finish it! I have a month before my friend has her baby so hopefully I'll be done! Thanks again.....

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Ah Yes...The Baby Surprise. I knit the first attempt for this pattern a couple of times before I finally caught onto the little tricks that make it work. Now, it all makes sense. Luckily, it is something I could figure out by rereading the pattern and working on the needles. Well worth the effort, though. Books, knitting, cats, fountain pens...Life is Good.

Books, knitting, cats, fountain pens...Life is Good.