My New Labels are Here!!!

I received my new labels today after about 4 weeks of anxiously awaiting their arrival. They're AWESOME and I can't wait to finish my next WIP in order to use them. I ordered them online from They offer a variety of name-tag options, and these woven tags come in multiple colors, fonts with either iron-on or sew-on applications. I got the sew-on, obviously, due to the nature of our craft, and they came out better than I even imagined. I got 100 tags for $42.95 (including tax and shipping). They're so much better looking than those pre-printed "Handmade By _______" tags from the craft/hobby stores.


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Those look great. I am definitely inteterested.

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I have some labels but haven't ever been able to get them to attach nicely to knitted projects -- Could you post some pics and instructions on how you do it?!


Grace and Peace,

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I'll post some pics as soon as I finish my partner's "Cable Guy" sweater I'm working on now out of Son of Stitch n Bitch and put the label in. What I do is turn under approx. 1/8 of an inch hem on each side of the label (left and right) and press with an iron. Then I tack down the four corners on the turned flaps with a needle and thread. Sometimes if it doesn't lay right I use (and don't tell anybody) a good quality fabric glue, used very sparingly, to put a couple of spots in the middle of the label--especially if I know it's going to get a lot of wear and washings. It takes a little effort (especially when you're tired of seaming the garment), but it's so worth it!

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Nice I'm done to my last few labels and I forgot wher eI ordered from * someplace in the U.K* Iwill have to take a peak at these!

Born Gay...FABULOUS by choice...

Born Gay...FABULOUS by choice...