Demon Dog!!!

This is what our "precious" dog Maggie did to an entire roll of Lion Brand Incredible ribbon yarn! Lovely, isn't it? Luckily, it was only a ball of ribbon yarn, which I rarely use, and not a hank of Manos del Uruguay wool!! How do you guys keep your pets away from your yarn? I ask this because I have seen lots of cute pics on here of pets peacefully lying next to balls of yarn or, God forbid I attempt to put Maggie in a sweater, wearing knitted sweaters. HELP!!!!



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That photo is worth a thousand words. You should send that in to a calendar company to have them print it.

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Plastic totes with snap-on lids. We have 2 cats and 1 permanent St Bernard who is usually well-behaved my Honeycub fosters Saints from time to time and the temps are seldom respectful of one's crafts. Plus I have several bookbags/carryalls/duffel bags that I use for storage. And, when I'm working on a small project or just started a large one, plastic coffee cans work well. Of course, not good with straight needles but good for circulars. They're good for travel take-along too in the car.

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That's hilarious. I spent a few hours a couple weeks ago untangling and winding an entire skein of yarn. Thanks for the great pic.


I think Maggie was trying to floss or something, but couldn't quite figure it out.

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Oh I know that experience well... I have to unravel the mess my dog makes when he is being cheeky. So annoying ... it takes me an hour or so to untie the knots. I think I'll look around for some canisters and punch a hole in the top for my yarn to go through... If in Australia, I'd use Harris' Coffee canister... yum... but here in Turkey... hmmm... nothing jumps to mind, might have to look at tupperware.
A real pain in the arse ... but they are gorgeous and naughty :) Happy untying knots...
Istanbul, Turkey


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One way you could stop that lovely dog from unraveling your yarn is to send him to my house...he's just beautiful.

One caution...we had a lovely flame-point Siamese cat a few years ago who would eat my yarn...we thought it was kind of cute until we had to bring him to the veterinarian to have yarn surgically removed from his intestine. From then on, I had to keep my yarn in drawers, closeable bags, covered boxes...etc.

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My dog KNOWS better... she even knows that when I say, "Daddy's knitting. Let me just finish this row..." that she is to wait patiently by the back door before she gets to go outside and go potty. She sniffs my yarn but I think only to size up the competition. She would NEVER touch the yarn. Ever.

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I have two terriers that have never touched my yarn and I think it's because we've supplied them with gobs of toys. Frequently our house looks like it's been taken over by a herd of toddlers, there are toys spread all over, in every room. Thay love fleece toys once they have been properly gutted and shredded. Also remember a bored dog is a mischievous dog.

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I think Maggie just decided to celebrate Mardi Gras!

MMario - I'm not divorced from reality - we're having a trial separation

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Awww! She's adorable, soon all is forgotten/forgiven.