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Now that the Sampler Sweater is completed, along with a couple of smaller W.I.P.s that needed to be finished up, I decided I needed another new project to work on.  Something I could use up some stash for since my stash is reaching a sizeable amount.

I picked up a number of old pattern books at the guild auction this year.  I love the chiche-factor of many old pattern books.  Yet if you look past the bad hair/bad colors/ bad yarn selections there are some great looking patterns.

This pattern book is from 1975 and this sweater in particular really caught my eye.  It is a twisted stockinette stitch done on a chunky weight yarn, and I knew I had some chunky weight in the stash from last year's auction purchase.

The pattern did not have a size bg enough for me, so I knit up a swatch and went to Ann Budd's Knitter's Handy Book of Patterns.  I decided to go with a vest rather than a sweater and I changed te rib from a 2/2 ribbing to a 2/1 ribbing, as well as knitting it in the round rather than flat.

 Attached are pictures of the pattern book, the yarn, swatch and W.I.P.  I've made a good deal of progress on it since taking the pictures.  It is twice as long as shown in the picture.

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I also love old pattern books - and, if you wait long enough, chances are the styles will be back in fashion! Though sizes really are different these days - many older patterns don't go beyond, say, a 36" chest (what is that - about 91 centimeters? Sorry - daft American here). We've - er - GROWN in the past few decades... Your swatch is gorgeous (love the Rugger yarn)  - and great color choice. I'm curious to see it when it's finished. Keep us posted!

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I love it!  How does that "twisted stockinette" work?

Longtime faggot, first time knitter.

Longtime faggot, first time knitter.