The Scarf!

So, it's just a bit late but it is in the mail; so, I think it's okay to post an image or two. This was a fun pattern to do, although it took quite some time. The pattern is by Kieran Foley and can be downloaded for free at Not only is he a guy knitter/designer he is also very easy on the eyes ( to get to Dublin then figure out how to flirt and knit at the same time.....).

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Beautiful, that is just awesome!



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Lucky recipient...that's just beautiful, and I love the slight furriness of the that so it's reminiscent of the knitter?

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really cool. nice job

we put birds on things

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Yup I like that!!!!!!!!!

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Nice job! Such beautiful even stitches.

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Is it the same on the back as the front?
Fascinating stuff on this website...

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The scarf arrived yesterday. I didn't sleep w/it (thought about it though...) but have been wearing it most of the day, even though it isn't exactly cold here in western OR.
Y'all, yes you should be jealous, because it is even more beautiful in person than in the photo. Heavy, soft, warm (fans self) and absolutely incredible. I was speechless when I opened the box and pulled it out...
Buck - did you do it as double knit or in the round? I can't really tell by looking at it, my guess is in the round, though.
And as the BF sez (I quote from his email),
"Buck Strong made your scarf??? *turning green* Well good for you!"

Yup, I love it! Thanks Buck and thanks Stuart for organizing the exchange


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Yup, it's in the round. Sorry it took so long. I thought it would go quicker. Hmmm....note to self, smaller needles....longer time.

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Oh Buck I checked the web site and immediately started downloading and buying, I of course couldn't wait to try it so I am working on your scarf but not in the round just the flat onesided version. I think the "in round will be better for the scarf. This one may end up a waist coat I am doing it in Rowan 4ply Scottish Teed on 3.5 mm needles, I must be mad!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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Agree with everyone. It's beautiful!