Knitting: Men in America - SURVEY is UP!

Please take a moment to take this survey that will help us all understand the perceptions of other knitters towards guys who knit in the United States! Thanks!
here's the link:

also feel free to pass the info on to any of your friends - this survey is intended for anyone (male or female) who knits and is in (or from) the United States

Thank You!!!

email me at with any questions or comments about this survey.

For those of you who signed up for the "states" part of the project, you'll be getting a separate questionnaire - but feel free to participate in this survey as well. Thanks!!


Shibaguyz's picture

I'm hoping my survey worked. When I arrived at the final page and clicked on the button "close survey," nothing happened. I'm betting it worked... hopefully...

Thanks for putting this together!

talk to you soon...
The Shibaguyz

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yes - it worked - thank you! please pass on the link to any knitters you know that can take a minute or two to take the survey :) THANKS!!!



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I'm in! I did it!

...and of course, I'll represent my beloved state of Maine!


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Ah shucks!!!!!! I was just about to do the survey and then realized it was for my neighbours to the south of me. Good luck guys, I hope the survey turns out to be very informative.