"I'm bringing sexy back!"

Here's the new baby, Rex, our 7 week old long-haired chihuahua. Tracy and I are thrilled. He's constantly shivering from being cold so I knitted the smallest sweater I've made so far with some left over superwash wool. He weighs only about 375 grams and makes our 1.5 kg female chihuahua look giant! Talk about a quick knit. Funny enough, this was my first attempt at fair isle (if you can call it that) in placing his initial on the back. He's quickly become my knitting buddy laying in my lap as I throw. It's a match made in heaven!

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Completely adorable!!!

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What a nice addition. Great sweater too.

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love it!

Grace and Peace,

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That is super cute. I simply love chihuahuas.


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That's beautiful!! Chihuahua sweaters are the greatest... we had a 9 month old that we found when he was about 4 months old. I knit a sweater up for him in one afternoon. He can still wear it. Great job with the initial on back!! Congrats!


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Awww, he's precious! Great job on the sweater, looks great on him. I have a cat that is always on my lap when I'm knitting and I just love it.



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Holy crap. He is freakin' adorable!!

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Very cute. I have a mini schnauzer. The doggy jacket I made him 'doesn't look anywhere near as good as yours... I'll post it soon.
I was amazed the other day, looking out the window of my hotel to see in the midst of 2.5m of snow, a bitch and 4 pups running around. They were wild but fed by the hotel restaurant staff... they didn't seem to feel the cold, they were actually laying down in the snow napping! And I have a woollen jacket, a waterproof walking jacket and a sleeping jacket for my dog... a spoilt pooch maybe.

But they are adorable and why not :)

Enjoy your little fellow.
Istanbul, Turkey


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2.5 m? or cm?

But indoor pets "weather conditioning" is ruined. What a feral or wild animal tolerates or enjoys is not good for pets.

MMario - I'm not divorced from reality - we're having a trial separation

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OMG, this is so cute!

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just to cute......my westie refuses to wear a coat or sweater and he just loves the snow

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Très chic!