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Hi Guys,

I moved house last August and I had not unpacked my knitting machine until last week and I needed a quick and easy sweater to wear at work. The usually mild winters here in this part of Oz have been a bit too cool for me this year. It is fishermans rib, done in genuine acrylic (ugh). I would use wool but it has to be washed frequently as I work in a DIY store 3 days a week. Note the difference in the dye lots on the front and right sleeve but what would one expect for $2 a 100 gram ball?? It took just over an hpur to knit the whole thing but about 6 hours to do the neck and sew up!!

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I think the differences in the color would've looked great if you could have done the other sleeve and the back to match. I really need to do some work on my own machines. It's hard to curl up on the couch with a knitting machine so I do more hand knitting!

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Hi Chris, I agree with you about doing the sleeves and back to match the front but I didn't notice the color difference until it was too late! It certainly will not matter as it will be ruined within a few weeks!  Yes, very hard to machine knit and watch TV and is no where near as relaxing as a hand job. Also my partner says I swear too much when using the machine!!

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Oh I am so impressed! I have a Bond knitting machine that I got for Christmas - I found it relatively frustrating, and have put it away for now, but am thinking I should bring it back out and get busy. Like Christopher said though, it's so much easier to curl up and on the couch with my knitting needles!

And yet...a sweater in one hour!!!! Very cool.

Think less, enjoy it more.

Wow, a sweater in seven hours that is great. What kind of machine did you use?

My partner and I recently purchased a passap dm80 - but I have yet to make anything on the machine. I am still struggling with the cast on etc. and trying to find the right kind of yarn to use (it takes lace/sport weight). I can understand why you would need to swear when using a machine - if you bottled up the frustrations  the machine would probably get thrown through a window :)