top Down Raglan

I finsihed this FOREVER AGO but I didn thave a photo till now...

This is my top down ragalan with cropped sleeves, I think it turned out pretty good and it was sooooo easy!


ronhuber's picture

That is a beautiful sweater. It is my favourite way to knit a sweater as you can try it on as you go. Great knitting.

scottly's picture

Way cute! I'm really not in to fitted stuff but that tempts me. Where can I find the pattern?

chipsir's picture

great job, I have only recently started top down sweaters and I really enjoy them

TheKnittingMill's picture

The sweater looks great--a really nice fit! The variegated colorway is beautiful. I haven't attempted a top down sweater as of yet, but it's on my list to try. Nice job!!!

crmartin's picture

Beautiful sweater! I love the way the yarn pooled.



Thomasknits's picture

That's pretty awesome. I haven't made a sweater yet, but I'm thinking when I do that it'll be a top down.


mrossnyc's picture

Looks great, I like the way the colors blended.