My first socks

My first pair of socks.
I took some effort to force myself through those last several inches of stockinette, but they were worth it.
Knit from the toe up, using the Universal Sock Pattern found in Knitty.
Yarn is Opal's Harry Potter self striping sock yarn in colorway "Ron."


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Nice work. I only recently used some self-striping yarn and like the way that pair turned out. I've got more in the stash but have to wade through it all before I get to that particular bunch. I've not tried toe-up (yet) as I've never got past the old top-down habit. Hmmmm...maybe it is time for a new challenge. That last bit of knitting to finish a sock is always a chore, no matter which way you knit them. I just keep reminding myself that it's just that much closer to being done, then I can begin a new project. Whether sock #2 or something totally different. Take care. Books, knitting, cats, fountain pens...Life is Good.

Books, knitting, cats, fountain pens...Life is Good.

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Great job! Love the colourway~self striping is always fun to see happen. And seeing another pair of socks completed inspires me all the more. Happy knitting.

Keep it lite and happy!

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The next time I make socks, I'll try top down - rather than toe up.
The bind-off edge is not terribly elastic, so while they fit fine, they're a little tricky to put on.

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Yarnover bindoff might do the trick.

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Very Nice! I like the color of the yarn. I think you inspired me to try my first toe up sock!

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Wow, nice job for your first pair! My first pair wasn't even wearable, lol. But I've got them down now. I almost always have a pair going. I have yet to do toe up but they are on my short list to try. Love the self striping yarn - that stuff is so much fun to use.

By the way, it seems much less tedious if you make both socks simultaneously on two sets of needles.

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That's definitely my plan for the next pair I make.

One of these is a little longer than the other, so I figured that'd help with that too.

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Those look great! You did a fantastic job. I'm currently doing some toe down patterns for a challenge on Ravelry and I much prefer toe-up.



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VEry nice work! Now tha you have conquared your fear of socks your next ones won't be that hard and they get eaiser and eaiser to do. Great Job!