Update: Knitch in Atlanta GA

I am back from my trip to Atlanta. I posted a request for information on LYS in the area. The prime suggestion was The Knitch in midtown. This was close to where I was staying and the one I visited.

Online I heard a lot of people complaining that the store personnel were snobby. Other people stated the opposite that they were extremely helpful.

My experience was somewhere in the middle. There were several other people in the shop so I was ignored at first. When I was noticed I was asked if they could assist me. I asked a few questions and was given the answers. I didn't really feel that I was treated differently being a man. I don't think I was as much of an oddity there as I am in my hometown of Jackson, MS. Parking was horrible, but parking was horrible everywhere in Midtown Atlanta. I bought a few skeins of yarn, and they offered to wind them for me which was nice.

Over all I'd give the shop thumbs up, nice selection of yarn, if a little high priced, and a nice selection of books and accessories. I wish I could have met some of you guys there.



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The day I visited was a Sunday - I browsed in contentment for a while then went upstairs and spent a pleasant afternoon among a bunch of knitters. Looking forward to going again when I get back to Atlanta.

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