Average age of members?

For a number of reasons I got to thinking about ages today - and I've been trying to remember whether or not anyone has done the "How old are you?" bit here at MWK.

I know we've got a wide range of ages - from teenagers on up to ??? but just how old? And where do the bulk of the guys who join here fit>

For myself - I'm about as close to mid-50's as one can get.....six months to go until I hit a double nickel.

tho' maybe this would be better done as a poll as some people may not want to say...

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42. Two score and twain. Hmmm. Putting it that way makes me sound 142.

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43 this past October.

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I am proud to be 46 - will turn 47 in July

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I'll be 57 one month from today.


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Currently 57, turning 58 in September.

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I'm 54 - now not only playing with a full deck, but also have 2 jokers.

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40 in a month.

"Hatred does not end by hatred; hatred ends by love. This is the eternal law." - Buddha

"Hatred does not end by hatred; hatred ends by love. This is the eternal law." - Buddha

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I'm halfway to 90. I too, can still do the splits. Whether I'm in the gym or not...

Well that question unleashed a can of worms. I mostly lurk on this site but feel compelled to reply. I am one month shy of 72 but do not feel it. C.

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I'll turn 35 in a few weeks....I think that's like 60 in gay years!

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when you're 50, 35 is like 20. higher math :)

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31 here which as was earlier pointed out is ancient in gay years. But I feel more comfortable at 31 than I ever did in my 20s

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I just turned 45 in January.

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Quaranta Cinque echo

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OMG ... I had to think ... then calculate ...I forgot for a moment!.... wow... I am getting old. I'm 44.

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I'll be 35 on Friday. Which seems really odd to me for some reason.

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I'm 38 and having a great time!! I'll be 39 in September...

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I said to the almond tree, "Sister, speak to me of God", and the tree blossomed.

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53. We are an interesting demographic.

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I'm 38. I'll be 37 in October.

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I will turn 45 in May and my kids are taking me to Disney World to Celebrate. But then why am I paying for the trip?


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I'll treat you to dinner if you pay.

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38 here...will be 39 in December! I really started feeling old last night when I happened to see an episode rerun of High School Reunion on TVLand. It's Class of 1988 (my year) and I do NOT look as old as they do!! Although, most days my back makes me feel much, much older!!

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52 here and new to the site. Glad I found you guys!

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Hello Roger,
Welcome to MWK.

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I turn 51 in July. The end of July. Age is just a number I keep telling myself. My body on the other hand keeps telling me I am not the Energizer Bunny and I will run down. But I keep on going even though I have taken a lickin.

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if age is jut a number, and i'm not good with numbers...

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43, but I tend to forget how old I am. At times I have been known to ask my partner "How old am I?" Once he added two years and I didn't blink.
I never had Birthdays as a child so tend not to notice them now. When I was 18 I didn't remember till one week after the event. That sounds dopey I know, but it also saves a heap of money as my family don’t celebrate theirs either.
30 and 40 went by, with out any of the flap my friends all went through in the months before and after their birthdays. So I really believe age is a state of mind.

39 Here.

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Egads....when did I get to be 50? Time flies.